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Discussion in 'iMac' started by whoathere, Jul 7, 2016.

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    Ok, so while not technically iMac related, I am posting this here because the fact that we have a 21.5" iMac.

    Here's the scoop: my wife is a photographer/blogger and works from home. She spends probably 4-5 hours a day, every day, seated at the computer. Because she's working from home, she's asked that I try to figure out an option for a desk that she can stand at when she doesn't want to sit. The problem is that the current office is a loft, it's about 10' wide and 20' long. I've attached a picture of the desk taken a few years ago. She wants to keep the current desk & cubbies the same, so my options are: 1) build a desktop solution that the iMac can sit on and she just raises it to be able to stand, or 2) build a completely different standing desk somewhere else that she can use when she wants to stand.


    I'm leaning towards a wall mounted desk I'm leaning towards a wall mounted deskthat is "standing height". Is it feasible to run a cable to an external monitor (it would go into the wall, up into the attic and then down where the new monitor would be) and just have to move the mouse and keyboard over to the standing desk and operate as normal? We have a MacBook, but it's a matte display and 15" which she doesn't really like to work on. Obviously, that would be the easiest solution, but she doesn't seem to care for that anyway.

    Anybody seen any other options or have any other recommendations? I'm trying to make it as clean as possible and would love input from anybody else.
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    I highly recommend a variable height desk. just as she doesn't want to sit all the time now, shew wont want stand all the time either. also, with an adjustable desk, it's nice to be able to tweak the height for exactly the task being done, when standing or sitting.

    I know these things can get expensive, if you really need a budget solution, Ikea:
    hand crank height adjustment. it's not a fine piece of furniture but surprisingly well built for Ikea (still a pain to put together). and if you are still using the chairs in that pic, a good adjustable chair goes a long way as well.
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    Cult of Mac always talk about the Varidesk where you turn your current desk into a adjustable desk. Worth checking out.
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    Go with the Ikea hack. Would work with the stuff you already have.

    Using a shelf on the legs of an Ikea side table works great. The only trick would be to weight stuff so it could just sit on the table. I'd recommend perhaps securing it with some earthquake putty to be sure.
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    Feb 15, 2017
    I found a great (portable) solution, fully assembled and on sale for $175. There's also great pricing on multiple units which would come in handy for two or more in an office environment. My girlfriend and I own three, one for use in the art studio.
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    After 20 years' development has become a professional office furniture enterprise. Currently, We are committed to the production of high quality office furniture series, including electric height adjustable desks
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    Since you have a nice desktop, you could either get an adjustable base or a desktop sit/stand converter. I have a desk at one office, a versadesk table top converter at another office and a ergotron tabletop converter at home.

    I don’t know what your budget is, but I would probably get a white tabletop converter if I were in your shoes. There are a number of good choices at various price points. If your are going up and down a lot, I really like the hydraulic assist on the pricier models.

    The other option is the adjustable base like THIS. I am not advocating this particular brand, just showing an example. Definitely read the reviews on whatever you choose.

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