Need advice for wireless setup for ipad.

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  1. cerjr3 macrumors newbie

    Jan 14, 2014
    My wife is disabled and is pretty much bedridden. Several years ago I got her an Ipad 1. I know nothing about Macs and very little about Ipads. What I want to do is scan all of the documents she has tossed all over her bed into the Neat Desk Scanner that we already use on our PC. I know that getting a PC to interact with the Ipad can be troublesome, so I want to get an older Mac to scan her documents into and use as her server just for the Ipad. My router can handle two channels so I was going to dedicate one channel for the Ipad and Mac only. What I need to know is what is a good version of Mac to just be a support computer for her I pad and to store data for? Thank you very much.
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    Jan 23, 2005
    Even with a Mac, there really isn't a good way to have it act as a "server" to an iPad.

    Do you have all papers files scanned in to the PC now? I assume they are PDFs? How many documents are we talking about?

    If this is just a bunch of PDFs, I would leave them on the PC and get a free Dropbox account and place all the files in the Dropbox folder. That will sync them to the Dropbox service. Then get an app like GoodReader for the iPad that can directly access and store the PDFs from Dropbox.

    Unless you just want a new Mac for some other reason, I don't see anything here that a new Mac will do to help you with this issue.
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    Jan 14, 2014
    Thank you Weaselboy, I will give that a shot this weekend. I can scan everything into PDF so that sounds like it should work.
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    Unless you are talking about iTunes media, this is dead on.

    There might be a way but it won't be easy or likely cheap. Its probably just better to sort out which things she must have ready access to and sync them over to something like goodreader.
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    Exactly what I was gonna say. Great advice and it should take care of the OPs issue.

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