Need advice from the experienced on setup to imac or not to imac?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by maclab, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Aug 31, 2009

    Ok this is where I am at, I currently have a 24" iMac 2.66ghz and a base line 13"Mac book pro, both been current models so I have only had them a few months. I also have a server which I use for storage so tend not to keep a lot of stuff on my systems. My wife does graphic design so she also has a Mac setup.

    I got the iMac first which I use in my study, I then saved up again to get the MBP because I needed something portable to take to different locations for work. I have been very impressed with the MBP and I now find myself using it more and more and have got into the habit of using it while watching TV and lying on the couch etc ...... this is where I need your opinion.

    I am starting to think that perhaps I should just sell the iMac and also maybe the 13" MBP and just getting a 15" MBP and having just 1 system. I find iCal slightly annoying on the 13" due to the font size and if it I was to have just one unit it would be better a bit bigger. I think I might find the 17" a bit annoying for portability and have it sitting on my lap while lazing around doing web stuff. But I am unsure?

    My usage is quite basic these days, surfing the web, iCal and email, itunes, torrent, and looking after the back end stuff of my wife's business.

    Although I love using the large screen iMac, I think that I may have over killed my setup, but then again I am not sure I a will become annoyed by using the MBP all the time and I have the perfect setup now?

    I am open to any suggestions and look forward to hearing about your experiences.

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    If you aren't using the imac, then get rid of it. However do you need a computer in case of the MBP going down? Can you then use the wifes?

    Instead of getting rid of the 13", get an external monitor for when you are at home and need it. Then you could hook up when you needed it and keep the portability of a 13" laptop.

    The Apple display or a Dell 24" both which have USB built in would make a great "docking station". Plug in USB and the video and you have a desktop. You can keep other accessories or HD plugged into the monitor or plug them in as you use them.

    24" apple LED and a 13" MBP would be a great setup in my eyes, but depends on your work load.

    If keeping the two computers synced is a problem, I would recommend mobileme. Keeps my computers (MP and MBP) synced well where it is easy enough to use the MP at home and just grab the MBP and run when I need to.

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