All iPads Need Advice!!! iPad Air to MacBook Air?


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Oct 23, 2013
I have an opportunity to trade my white wifi iPad Air 16gb for a mint condition 11 inch mid 2012 MacBook Air MD223LL/A 64 GB model. I've searched all over the internet to find a good market value price for the MacBook Air, but prices are all over the place.

The only reason I'm considering this trade is because I also own a iPad Mini Retina and find myself never really touching my Air. Based on my usage I prefer the rMini. I would also like to have other options other than just owning tablets.

Anyway, this will be a straight trade with all accessories and box included. So I would like to reach out to the experts on this forum to see if this is a good deal or not, or if I'm getting ripped off.

Thanks in advance


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Aug 7, 2007
Do you have another laptop? If you don't, then go for it!

The iPads are great, but they cannot replace a proper laptop (at least for my usage). If you already have a Retina Mini, and don't even use the Air, I'd say that MBA + rMini is a way better combo than two iPads. :)
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