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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by skyline r34, Mar 16, 2010.

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    I know you guys are going to laugh at me but I have the money to purchase a 30 inch Cinema Display but kinda waiting for Apple to update the 30 inch to LED, On Mac Rumors buyers guide it says "Don't Buy - Updates soon" but it's been saying that for years my question to you guys should I just go ahead and purchase the 30 inch or wait a bit more for Apple to update the 30 inch, I waited this long might as well wait a bit longer but i'm getting to the point that i'm tired of looking at a such a small display i've been using this 17 " inch Tan display ever sense I purchase my Mac Pro 2 yrs. ago, Apple does not even have any feedback page for displays i find that weird. I wonder is there any way that we can express our feedback to the team that works on displays at Apple if any of you know how to get the word out to apple please tell me how, it probably won't do any good but it won't hurt to try, Apple only focus is on iPad, iPhone and the app store all that gravy in all but Apple need to revamp the display line like for example

    21-22 inch LED for entry level Cinema Display

    27-inch LED stand alone like the LED iMac for a mid range Cinema Display

    30-32 LED For a High-End level Cinema Display

    Something for everyone, Apple has only 2 models a 24-inch LED in which not everyone can use without using a special adapter or upgrade your GPU to support Mini display-port and a 30 inch in which not everyone can afford and that's why users will go else where for there display needs but if Apple did the lineup like this I think that users may start buying displays from Apple instead of going somewhere else. Apple has the displays look at the iMac line up 21-27 LED and how hard is it for Apple to release a LED 30-inch at 2560x1600? if Apple has already released a 2560X1440 27 inch LED iMac that's what I don't understand about Apple and on top of that for the price of a 30 inch Cinema display you can buy a 27-inch iMac LED, Do you guys think Apple will change that? What's your opinion.
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    Don't buy the  30". If you absolutely must have a 30", wait or buy a competitor's. It's old enough to really not be worth the money. I do think  will be releasing a standalone 27" that's almost as high res as a 30", but you will need to give them a bit of time. Alternatively, Dell is already selling it, though it runs you $1100.

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