Need Advice on DVD Ripping w/o Loosing Quality?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by gpspad, Dec 21, 2016.

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    I have a DVD project I'm tying to figure out. What I need to do is RIP a bunch of workout DVD's using hand brake, I select the track w/o music. Then I was planning on using iMovie to add my own soundtrack to them, and label the chapters handbrake picked up. Then add the metadata.

    The problem is that iMovie doesn't do chapters. I can add the chapters later using third party apps, but does all this processing thru various programs ruin the video quality?

    I kind of figure I loose the chapters when I import the mp4 into iMovie, so trying to figure out an order to this. I was thinking maybe of ripping the files, then create an audio rack in iMovies, then add that track to the file later?

    Again am I loosing quality with all this processing?

    BTW: I have handbrake, iMovies, mp3tools, subler, and zmeta
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    Try Makemkv which is free during beta. Makemkv keeps the original quality of the video. You might be able to rip it without the soundtrack. Then run it through mp4tools to add your soundtrack. I used both but have never done what you are trying to do. Because the about are both free it is worth it for you to investigate it.
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    +1. I converted all my DVD's to MKV files using makemkv. It doesn't reencode anything merely ripping the required titles to disk. You can then use numerous ATV 4 apps to play them. I use Infuse.
  4. gpspad, Dec 22, 2016
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    I ended up figuring this out. Scan the DVD with Handbrake, Use subler the chapter names and create any meta data I need on the file. Then use iMove to create a project; insert the video, and add the new background music. Then use iMovie to export a music file. Finally use subler again to add an additional audio track.

    So now I can play the file with or without music. Its actually not that bad, subler is the program that does most of the heavy lifting.

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