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Discussion in 'iMac' started by bally555, Jul 1, 2010.

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    Jul 1, 2010
    This is the first time i start the thread. However, I have been around this forums for 2-3 months already.

    First of all, I have to apologise for my english as it is my second language but I will try my best to describe the situation as clearly as possible.

    I am new to mac world. This is my first imac I ever bought.

    OK, let begin.

    Last week (Thursday, 24th June), I went to Apple store in Chermside, QLD, Australia and get one of the imac i7 for myself with the education price as I am currently studying in uni. The original price of imac i7 is AU$2889 and I also get canon printer which costs AU$130 and Apple remote which costs AU$25

    Therefore, total would be 2889+130+25 = AU$3044

    As I am aware before going to the store, I checked online which student would get $120 off from original price

    However, the guy at apple store gave me AU$410 for education discount. At first, I thought the guy get me the wrong model which is the imac i5 but I made sure with him that it is a imac i7 which he showed me the spec on the box and still confirmed that I would get $410 discount. Therefore, I got a better deal than I thought so I did not bother to ask anymore question about the price. So I paid AU$2634 (3044-410=2634) in total. It is cheaper than I expected so who would not love it.

    However, today (1st July), I went back to Apple store in Chermside again as my sister want to get imac i7 too. Therefore, I asked the guy at the store about the education price to make sure it is the same as mine. The guy said I only get AU$120 off from original price.

    I explained to him about the discount I got last week to him and he seems like did not believe me and from my point of view, I think he actually think I just ******** around to get cheaper price. He then asked me if I can proved it and if I can, he said he will match the price and explained to me that he would love match the price for any customers which come to their store knowing that they get the cheapest mac among other shops or resellers. I even made sure with him that he will match the price. Therefore, I showed him the electronic receipt which sent to my email.

    Once he saw it, he said it is impossible and it might be something wrong with the receipt and he want to check with their system. Then he went on to check and came back that he will talk to manager. He then came back to me said he cant match the price as the guy at store which sold imac to me might made mistake. I then asked him that what could have gone wrong with the price as everything you need to scan the price from the box. He could not explained to me and try to avoid my question and keep showing me the student price on website which i knew well enough.

    From what I am upset is that they cant even do what they said to me. The guy said he will match whatever price I got my imac last week and now he just trying to avoid. For me as a customer, I chose to buy apple product and I am expecting something more than other company and we all paid premium price for it. At least, they should take responsible for whatever they said to me.

    Moreover, The thing that make me angry is that the guy I talked today, he talked to me and I actually felt like he is looking down on me which I hate the most, by the way, I am asian. I do feel like he is a bit races even my sister can feel that. I do have money and I do not go to apple store to ******** around. Me and my sister actually plan to get second imac i7 today and we prepared the money for it already.

    What should I do?? Should I try to call apple and explain the situation? Should they be more responsible for what they say to their customers or I should just let it go and forget about it?

    Any advice would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    It sounds like you mayve been given the University price over the Student price - Ive had this happen to me, Id recommend not questioning it, since they cant price match that discount for your sister, and Apple cant do anything about it. A guy made a mistake - Id get over it and just be glad you qualify for any discount at all :rolleyes:. Just take it as you getting lucky with the $410 discount, since really they saved you nearly $300.
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    Jul 1, 2010
    Thanks for replied. I actually just got replied from the other forum too and it totally changed my mind. Now I totally agreed with you and I should just be happy with the discount I got last week and just forget about what happened today.
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