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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by nope7308, Oct 11, 2011.

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    Roughly, here is my existing plan:
    - 200 daytime minutes
    - 75 long distance minutes
    - 250 outgoing text messages, unlimited incoming
    - Voicemail 10
    - Caller ID, call waiting, etc.
    - Free evenings and weekends beginning at 6pm

    This costs exactly $20/month after tax. I never exceed the voice/text limit.

    If I purchase an iPhone through my existing carrier, I have to sign an iPhone contract. For a comparable iPhone plan that includes 500MB of data, I’m looking at approximately $60/month (not including 75 long distance minutes). So, I was thinking of being a little sly…

    As an alternative, I can buy the iPhone directly from Apple, and then add data to my existing plan. The cheapest data add-on is $10/month, which gives you 100MB. If you exceed 100MB, you are then charged $20/month up to 250MB. I suspect the total cost would be about $35/month, plus the cost of the phone (assuming I don’t exceed 100MB). Through monthly savings, it would take me a little less than 2 years to offset the subsidized price of the phone.

    The advantage of the data add-on strategy is that I won’t be locked under contract, plus I will have an additional 75 long distance minutes. The initial cost of the phone would be substantially higher, but this would be offset in 2 years rather than 3. The other downside, by my lights, is that I would never be eligible for an upgrade through my carrier because I’m not on an iPhone contract. In other words, if I wanted to buy the iPhone 5, I would have to pay full price again (but no contract, and a cheaper monthly rate).


    I need some reassurance that the data add-on strategy is the most effective. I’m assuming I can resell the iPhone 4S relatively easily, which should help to offset the initial cost of future phones. Do you think 100MB/month is a reasonable estimate of data consumption? I’ve never owned a smartphone before, so I don’t anticipate being a “heavy user”. That, and I’m almost always within range of a wifi network.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and sorry for the novel!
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