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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TSE, Apr 12, 2010.

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    No medical advice this time. :D

    Anyways, okay, so I play baseball for a small school and am a Junior. I played last year too and was statistically one of the best hitters on our team, but I was forced to ride the bench and only backup at second base because both the coach's son and assistant coach's son played that position, and they would take their turns pitching.

    Anyways, so, jump forward to this year. In the fall, despite having severe anxiety problems I managed to play in the University of Minnesota fallball league where only the best of the best played in. Literally. Nobody threw below 75 mph, and I did alright there, I think. I also lifted 4 days a week starting from December to April. I did all this because I wanted to start, because I was disappointed of not starting last year, when I definitely thought I would.

    Jump forward to this year, where half the team last year left because they were seniors, and I finally thought I would start at second because both the coach's sons have left. Well, what do you know, my arm has become about twice as powerful as it was last year, and the coach tries me out as both a shortstop and third baseman, which I have never played before. I did ridiculously well, and got complements from everyone.

    First game comes along, and he doesn't play me until the last inning when we were leading 18-8. He played three freshmen over me. I don't get it. I've asked him a couple times what I need to do to start/why I'm not starting and everytime he says "I play the players that don't mess up". Well, that's great. Look on the website and you will see I had the best fielding percentage on the team last year. I hit over .300. What more do you need, coach?

    Am I right to start thinking about quitting or to just finish up the year and not rejoin? What should I do?
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    What are you like in practice?

    When I played baseball my freshman and sophomore year of highschool I didnt really put much effort into practice (we're talkin bout practice!), and the coach recognized that and didnt give me many minutes(innings?) during games.

    I wasnt that great, but (at least in my opinion) was better than the guy starting ahead of me at first base. I got tired of spending time just to sit on the bench eating sunflower seeds, and decided not to play junior year and spend my time playing golf.
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    That's a good idea of why maybe he doesn't play me, but I honestly try really hard at practices and don't goof off, but I don't try to be super serious because I myself don't like the totally 100% no nonsense guys, I think that ruins the chemistry of the team.
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    Get specifics from your coach. Ask him to give you more details on what "mess up" means. Obviously your batting average is great. So does he think you are "messing up" in the field? Tell him you want details so you can work on your weaknesses. This will also show him you are serious about your position on the team.
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    No matter what you should definitely feel proud of yourself. Keep working hard and do all you can on the field and in practice for now. Seems strange, this coach and starting freshmen over you if you are in fact statistically considerably better.
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    Tough Choices

    If you love the game don't quit you still have college ahead of you so many more years doing something you love. I would talk to the coach and ask him "In your opinion what can I do to improve my game" is shows respect for him and a willingness to do what it takes. But it could come down to he might just have a problem with you that isn't performance related it happens. But sticking it thru to move on to play at College, I think there may be benefits or opportunities from various sources that just being on the team would provide, and you sound like a star player so getting to play might be a reality in College also. High School is the start not the end if your coach now can't get beyond whatever reason he has for not playing you will only last another year, at College new coach new opportunity chance to grow. Don't let anyone hold you back from doing something you love.

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