Need Advice: Performance of the iMac Quads compared to C2Ds


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Mar 31, 2008
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Hi Guys,

I know this have been discussed like many times but I've still some queries. Currently I'm using a Early 08 iMac with a 2.8GHz processor with 8800GS graphics for stuff like handbrake, aperture, CS3 & some Final cut express. I'm experiencing some lag in aperture when working with raw from my 500D (ard 2 - 3secs).

My parents are also looking for a new computer as their 7 year old Celeron has just called it a day. They're looking to take over my current iMac. Hence looking at the new iMacs which I ordered earlier this week an i7 (not even shipped yet).

Just like to ask if the i7 will be substantially faster for my day to day usages or it it just ok get the base 27" with an upgraded graphics processor? BTW, how much faster is 4850 compared to my 8800GS?

Any advice will be good as it's still not too late to change my config....


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Dec 10, 2008
Core i7 will be great for your purposes. Difference between Core 2 Duo and i7 is significant so Handbrake and all rendering in Photoshop and FCP will be lightning fast
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