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Jan 21, 2008
I have a 2008 mac pro with only 8gb ram
I am use the computer for FCP and Logic as well
as photo editing. It is not my livelihood I am just a serious hobbiest.

My option is to go with a new Mac Pro probably 8 core with 1 TB
I would have to get an enclosure for my 4 thunderbolt internal drives.
I also have 2 firewire 800 2T external drives.
My monitor is a 30 inch cinema display

so an 8 core with 64gb plus 4k monitor and upped graphics card is $11,600 add my buisness discount i am probably
looking at around $11,000

My other option is to keep the clunker add a 1TB SSD PCIe card form owc and add 8gb ram this will
cost me $1,400. I am really only throwing away the $200 for increasing the ram as
the PCIe ssd drive can be salveged and used in the new mac pro if I bought an pcie/ thunderbolt enclosure.
Tha advantage of going this route is I could use the clunker for another year allowing time
for the kinks in the new mac pro to be ironed out as well as the advantage of faster chips in next years model.
The other issue I have is a use a Universal Audio PCI card with 4 sharc processors to run specific plugins that need that
card in logic. That card will no be compatible with the new Mac pro and the replacement cards are over $1000 that are compatibe

Just looking for some advice do you think the SSD PCI card and ram will keep me happy with the performance to hold off upgrading for
a year or shoul I just put the clumker out of its misery?


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Oct 5, 2003
Dark Castle
That's a lot of money…I will say keep the "clunker" and wait a year.
Not only Apple's kinks will be ironed out, but also there would be more 3rd party devices out there, so you can plan better your transition to new hardware.
The 4K displays will be some of them!
Unless the current MacPro that you have isn't working there is no real need but only the Apple bug that is driving your urge to upgrade.
Also remember that a new business computer could be declared in your business taxes.


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Jun 13, 2004
Buy 8GB of ram
Buy 3 2TB 7200rpm HD's, place them slots 2-4 and raid zero
Upgrade the video card if the 8800gt is still in there

The speed from the Raid will be more than enough for those 3 apps.

Gav Mack

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Jun 15, 2008
Sagittarius A*
Upgrade the ram, SSD + PCIe SATA 3 card and wait a year. I would go with a solo x2 plus samsung evo SSD, cheaper than owc.

By then hopefully your audio card you will need to replace will drop to a more reasonable price too.

Buy 16gb ram used on eBay with a return option so you can test them properly. The cost of new is pretty outrageous if you can find any FB-DIMM 800's with heatsinks available.
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