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    Hey everybody .
    Hope your well .

    I wanna know the base 13 inch macbook pro 2015 enoughf for my needs :

    Editing 20 megapixel camera photo
    Editing 5 or 7 minutes 1080p video with text motion and color and stuff like that .

    I use adobe premier and after effect but i want to work with final cut and logic .

    But i'm in a low budget .

    I'll be glad to hear from you guys

    I like mac os ui but if this model is not good for me i had to choose windows lap top .

    I'm considering the asus n551 and g551jm

    Config are :

    N551 : core i7 4710hq , 8 gig ram , 1 tb with 24 gig ssd cash and geforce gtx850m 4 gig ddr3

    G551 : the same cpu , 16 gig ram , same hard drive , with geforce 860gtx 4 gddr5

    So i'll be glad to hear from you because you guys help me once so good .

    Thank you for your time .
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    Final Cut handles RAM better in my experience, CPUwise the Macbook Pro Retina 15inch ($2499 model) has a really nice processor. 4870HQ, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 750M + Iris Pro (integrated), and a 2880x1800 screen. Grab it used for $2000> on eBay...

    It's a 2.5GHz i7 4870HQ processor.



    That is 92% as fast as a 4770k desktop processor, which is used A LOT for video editing (as the 3770k was in the past). I attached the proof that the RMBP 15 inch has such a beast processor, as it shocked me at first xD.

    Normally people say Mac's have bad specs, but so far it seems to have a nice processor.

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