Need advise in setting up large wireless network

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    Hey guys,

    I’m in a shared living environment with around 30 people all of whom have about 2 devices that connect to the internet. It is a large property with thick walls (so much so that there is no way a single wireless signal can cover the entire property. Every room has an ethernet connection (non-gigabit) that is connected to one of two 24-port switches with routing being done by the Verizon Business Class modem. There is presently an AirPort Extreme acting as a wireless access point and providing file-sharing services. There are also different routers placed around the property attempting (and often failing) to act as wireless access points and switches (or perhaps even as wireless switches). Again, this setup is failing and often involves having to reset the entire network.

    Does anybody have experience in setting up this type of network?
    What kind of router would you recommend do do the heavy lifting (I imagine you need something more than consumer grade)?
    What kind of switches should I be using (wired or wireless)?
    What brand of wireless access points should I be using?

    More importantly how should all of this be connected?

    Most of the clients will be accessing the devise over a wireless network but there are some who choose to connect to the wired network.

    I do have experience with this sort of thing, but in smaller, home-based networks. I think that the current set-up is not appropriately distributing the load of the connection across the infrastructure. Needless to say any advise is appreciated.

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    Xirrus makes great enterprise-level wireless equipment.
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    APs connected to the Ethernet backbone. Use existing (functioning) router. Not really a complex system at all. Maybe get some high-gain omni-directional antennae to attach to your APs.

    Are you in a dorm, by any chance?
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    What the previous poster said. Connect all APs via wired. You could put a small switch in every room to give the choice of wired or wireless.

    Any brand AP or router will work, but you probably want to get something that has great reviews.

    Why do you suspect a load issue? I cannot see 60 clients causing a load on even the smallest of switches.

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