Need an app for burning in metadata for 256 AAC and Flac Lossless

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by JoeBlow74, Mar 14, 2013.

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    After spending many many many months of digitizing my music, movie, home movie, home pictures, and TV series content, I am now attacking my music that is in the AAC 256bit format and Flac Lossless format. I purchased PhileAudio for burning in metadata to each music file. I purchased Identify2 for burning in metadata to each of my movie files. (awsome BTW!) Both only allow importing from disk based media. I am looking for an easy to use app from the Mac app store that allows me to burn metadata into my 256bit AAC files and Flac Lossless files from my hard drive. I would love if I could find an easy to use app like Indentify2, but for music only. That would be very cool. Please point me in the direction I need to go?? No, I will not use Itunes. I am talking about burning in the metadata, not addind an extra file along with the music file.
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    I'm lost.

    If you meant, adding or inserting or writing metadata (Vorbis comments) to the FLAC files, you can use MP3Tag (Free) via Wineskin (works wonders).
    That's what I use. You can define your own field names and the like.

    If you know how to code (I assume you don't since you're asking) then there are a trillion ways to use your fav language + metadata handling library like LibTag.
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