Need an app to track keys

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    May 20, 2014

    Thanks so much in advance for your comments.

    I am currently managing over 200 keys for the office I work for. And it's rather difficult to track where the keys go in terms of who are keeping a copy of the key permanently on their key chain, who are borrowing it for just a few weeks etc.

    I am wondering if any one is aware of an app that allows me to easily check off who signed out a key, the date of which it was taken out and when it was returned, and how many copies of that particular key is available in my key cabinet and who had the remaining copies.

    Thanks so much!
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    I think some keywords you'd want to use in the App Store is inventory, database, borrow, and lend.

    I just bought Boximize, it might be a tad bit too consumer oriented and funky looking, but it lets you create totally unique databases, and has all these various options.

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