Need Apple based website recomendations for iPhone. Without the Samsung bashing.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cdmoore74, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. cdmoore74, Apr 8, 2014
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    Can anyone recommend a Apple site with less Samsung bashing and more information about Apple products? I'm a Note 3 owner but I'm also a gadget lover. I do believe that one day I will buy an iPhone (again) but the Note 3 suits me fine and it's everything I've wanted in a portable device. My first and only iPhone was the 5s and I was disappointed. But I still respect the phone because it does have nice qualities and I'm reluctant to bash it. It was just not a good fit for what I want in a phone.
    But when I go to sites like or android authority the Apple bashing is not as bad and there's always fresh stories related to the Android experience. I'm looking for a Apple site the same way. Almost every article here on Macrumors just bash the competition with snarky remarks. I would like to leave for good and not get caught up in the childish bickering.
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    Need Apple based website recomendations for iPhone. Without the Samsung bash...

    I find iPhone bashing not that bad on Android sites because it's typically Android vs Android (Motorola vs HTC vs Samsun, etc).

    With the iPhone it's the iPhone vs the world. So it's a little more natural to expect to see it more often.

    I find this forum as good as any other. Plus there is an alternative section that those discussions (and inevitably debates) get moved too.

    Plus I take others opinions with a grain of salt. I know what I like and don't need to try to prove my opinion as fact.

    Edit : also keep in mind this is MACrumors. It's more likely a competition phone user would be on this forum vs a forum strictly dedicated to all that is Android. You'll find a lot of Android users in the Mac sections of this forum that rarely leave that section too. But obviously there will be a lot that do.
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    My impression is that there is more Apple bashing than Android bashing here.

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