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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by beaster, Jan 31, 2006.

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    My wife is a long-time art photographer who is starting to transition from film to the digital realm. She has a decent digital camera (Sony DSC-R1) and plans to shoot RAW. I put Adobe Lightroom on her Mac since it's one of the few apps I've found that can handle the RAW format of the DSC-R1 natively, and since neither of us is quite ready to tackle the intricacies of Photoshop CS2 (I'm her IT support staff). She is well versed in film photography techniques, terminology, etc., but is somewhat lost when it comes to using the development tools in Lightroom to adjust the RAW image. I don't know the first thing about photography (couldn't tell an f-stop from a hole in the ground), but I'm relatively computer-savvy.

    So I'm looking for a recommendation for a book that explains the methods of RAW processesing - how to use the histograms, how to properly adjust exposure, etc. I certainly doesn't have to be specific to Lightroom - I assume the basic RAW techniques apply to most software packages. I'm aiming for something a bit above novice/entry-level due to her background in film photography, but not something so techy that she's overwhelmed.

    So, any suggestions? I've done some poking around on Amazon - here's some books that looked interesting, for what they're worth:

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    Assumming that she really _does_ understand film and how to control contrast with darkroom technique and controlled lighting and has read about the Zone System
    then there are a fewon-line article she can read

    Adobe has two good PDF files of the subject too. see the links
    "Understanding digital raw capture (PDF: 1000k)"
    "Linear gamma (PDF: 235k)."

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