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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by 8.Lug, Oct 6, 2018.

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    “Request desktop version” doesn’t work for something I’m trying to do, it keeps reloading the home page. I need a browser that stays in desktop mode so it will automatically load a desktop page when I click a link. I can’t find an option for this in Firefox either, are there any browsers that have this option?
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    When you fine one (if ever) let me know.
    One of my pet peeves.:mad:
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    iCab Mobile let's you easily choose your preferred Browser type.
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    Oct 5, 2018
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    Yep. Works wonderfully. I use it to play a flash-based game on the FB website.
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    It's already desktop mode. As I remember, in the 2007 introduction of the first iPhone, Steve Jobs actually showed that the iPhone could display the full New York Times website.

    It's the websites themselves that give you a mobile version that cannot do anything. Some of the worst offenders even detect your screen resolution to give you a handicapped version of their so called website regardless of the User Agent string (i.e. the identifier of what browser you are using).

    These stupid website developers just have to stop doing this.
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    Downloaded Puffin again, just to delete it right after opening. It doesn't even support the iPhone X screen and the last update came one year ago.
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    I also remember 2007 when the iPhone was but a toy compared to the BB - but this isn’t 2007, it’s 2018 and the Safari browser most certainly is NOT a desktop browser. For starters, it doesn’t natively word wrap when in desktop mode, you have to pan back and forth to read articles. Not being able to word wrap also means you can’t zoom the page properly to make tiny text more legible or to make clicking buttons easier.

    Safari is what it is - a mobile browser optimized for a mobile platform. That’s it. That’s all it ever was.
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