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Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by ChrisA, Jul 9, 2015.

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    Price is important, I'm a full time grad student, no job, zero income.

    I have a prepaid t-mobile cell phone account. I lost my "dumb" flip phone. It was OK and I even liked it because it was very small and fits in a pocket along with car keys and what not. I pay by the minute and typically us about $15 worth of minutes each month. So I do NOT want a $50/month cellphone bill.

    Can I buy a older model used iPhone and connect it to my existing t-mobile account? I seriously do not need any phone features other then voice and text. I almost always have my Macbook and WiFi. What is the lowest price option for me?
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    There's not a necessarily cheap way to buy an iphone unless it's damaged. I would not buy an iPhone older than a 4. I wish I had an unlocked or T-Mobile, I'd sell it to you cheap. You won't find one in great shap for less than $90. Cracked screen you could get one for maybe $50. Stick with eBay or other online stores that have buyer protection.

    Maybe ?
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    You could get a used iPhone 3GS off eBay. Those will be AT&T and they can be unlocked for free (per filing a request with AT&T). Then you could bring it over to T-Mobile.

    It's still an iPhone and it will run iOS 6. I gave my friend my sister's old 3GS last year and he's been using it as his primary iPhone on T-Mobile (after we got it unlocked).

    If all you need is a phone for calls/SMS/email and light browsing a 3GS will work well. I've seen a lot of them for around $25-50 or so on eBay (and in good condition).

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