need clarification of what iTunes "Library" includes

Discussion in 'iPod' started by fjs08, Jul 26, 2014.

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    I have music on my iPhone that I want to change.
    I was able to copy my music from my old iPhone to iTunes.
    I created a Library for this new music.. I guess.
    I want to sync ONLY this music to replace ONLY the music that is currently on my iPhone. When I hit "Apply" I receive a message about erasing information on my iPhone. All I have checked to sync is this music. Will that be all that is changed. I don't want to alter my calendar files, contact files, etc.
    Thx for any assistance.
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    Aug 28, 2012
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    First, that scary message says "content," not "info." There's an important distinction. "Content" refers to music, movies, TV shows, etc. - it does not refer to personal "info" like your contacts, calendars, and photos. "Content" is erased-and-replaced, "Info" is truly synchronized/updated.

    Contacts and calendar events missing from your iPhone are added from the computer, and vice versa. Contacts and calendar events that have been edited in one device will be updated on the other.

    Photos? You have complete control over what will be synced from computer to iPhone, transferred from iPhone to computer, and whether photos you've transferred from iPhone to computer will be erased from the iPhone following transfer. And even if you use iCloud for photos, you can still sync with iTunes.

    Only the sync categories (info, music, movies, TV shows, photos etc.) that you have selected to sync will be erased and/or synced, and if you're using iCloud for syncing contacts and calendars, and/or iTunes Match for music, you do not even have the option to sync those in iTunes.

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