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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Michael73, May 31, 2014.

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    Without going into great detail, I've had tons of reliability issues using a single USB3 enclosure for my Time Machine and a boot drive. I currently have a 3TB NAS drive with two partitions a 2.25TB partition for TM and 750GB partition for a boot drive. The boot drive is made with Carbon Copy Cloner which runs a nightly job at 2am.

    Basically I need to separate the partitions so that they are are on their own physical drives which means buying a second 1TB NAS drive and moving the clone drive on to it. I could buy a second USB enclosure but I'd like to keep everything as tidy as possible by buying one enclosure that holds two drives and sees each separately.

    Does this fit the bill? If not, what would you recommend given the situation?
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    Some of us have a bone to pick with you. :D
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    Ha, Ha, so right you are. My apologies ;)

    I intentionally left it vague because I was heading out the door in an hour to go buy the solution I linked to and I wanted as many people as possible to click the thread in the hopes that I'd receive a bunch of quick replies letting me know whether or not it was workable.

    Anyway, to circle back the dual bay USB3 enclosure with two drives in JBOD is working. Then again so did the single drive partitioned but only for about two weeks until Time Machine would hang. The only thing I'm seeing is that when both Time Machine is backing things up and CCC is working, either the USB3 or the drives are being saturated because both processed don't seem to be able to go full speed.

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