Need final assistance before bootcamp Win7

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by juantoothree4, Jun 1, 2014.

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    Mar 27, 2014

    I'm hoping for some advice here before I go on install Win7 on my MBP by bootcamp and also what I can do after installation if something doesn't work out for me. I have made a thread before concerning this and a few pertaining Win7 on this platform.

    So I have a retail Win7, and it is installed on my old desktop PC, which is in the basement crawlspace collecting dust. I have been using this Feb 2013 15' rMBP for awhile now and I have finally gotten a time today to maybe install a big game using Win7.

    I'm still unsure. The Win7 retail copy I have is still installed on my old PC, but I haven't turned it on ever since I got this laptop. The desktop is just waiting to be reformatted -- and the reason is I'm not sure what the proper way is to reformat that because I am planning to sell it (is this unlikely?). Now if I install it here on my MBP, would my OS be voided its function because I violated the law or something? I want to make sure that I don't break my software because of it, and that it will be 100% using it FOR NOW on my MBP without using it on the PC whilst having it installed on there.

    I hope you can understand.

    Also, for gamers in here who play with the MBP, how long in terms of hours is too much for the laptop? I have the 1GB GT650M, 2.4GHz i7, and 8GB Mem, and 250 SSD, SanDisk lol.

    Any other warnings that I should know before bootcamping Win7 or mistakes that I could get or am I just thinking too much? Hopefully I'll have everything covered. Any wisdom is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    What you may run into is trouble activating it since the activation servers can tell that you are using it on a new computer. If that's the case, just call in and tell them that you got a new motherboard and they will give you the code to unlock it. It will continue to work on your old PC until you reformat it. At that point, you'll need to install something else on the PC before you sell it.

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