need good, quick case/sleeve recommendations


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Oct 13, 2011
FedEx will deliver my new 2013 13" MBA on Christmas Eve, to replace my 2012 11" MBA. (I upgraded primarily because I needed more screen real estate.)

I have a cheap clear plastic hard case (I think made by Speck) for my 11" which, frankly, is a piece of junk. It constantly slides and pops off the laptop. The vents in the bottom piece have caused some sort of weird discoloration on the computer's finish and have allowed multiple nicks and scratches to deface the aluminum finish. The best part about the Speck case was that it did not significantly alter the size or appearance of the computer, but overall it's been a huge disappointment.

So, for my new 13", I want to do things right. I need a good case or sleeve that will withstand my moderate-to-rough use. It also needs to work well with my briefcase, which is a Filson Padded computer bag, which can accommodate a 15" laptop, I think. I'm willing to spend up to $75. Thanks.


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May 19, 2009
Midwest US
If I had a 13" - and I do have an 11" - I'd buy a Moshi Codex. It's at the upper limit of what you want to spend, but I think the brushed titanium is particularly attractive.

Jefe's MacAir

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Nov 21, 2010
I like this one.

Especially the price. I looks and feels like a legal pad portfolio. Goes in and out very easily and offers quite a bit of protection. It's a tad thick and while not heavy it's not svelte either. I don't really have a need for such protection. In fact, I've haven't used any type of case or cover for the last three Airs I've had and the only damage I've incurred is some dings on the edge when placing it in and out of hotel safes on the first Air. Learned my lesson. Yet I haven't removed it since I began using it a month ago. So it hasn't hindered my use. All colors look better in person than in the pics on their webpage. At least black and the two pinks.

I have had zero issues with heat and I have never needed to open the bottom flap other than raise it for use. Most times when I have opened the flap to check, the aluminum case is cool to the touch.
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