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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Patriks7, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Hello. My parents decided it is time to trade their old point and shoot camera for something new. We helped them to the conclusion that the best choice would be the Canon D10 (the waterproof camera). However, when it came to choosing cards, I was completely lost. I don't really know anything about SD/SDHC cards. Which would you guys suggest and what capacity? I was mainly looking at Sandisk (that's what I have in my 40D, so far more than satisfied with it), but I know they have many competing brands out there as well. I was thinking 8GB should be a good size for them. Since I'm already on the topic of SD cards, I will ask this next one here as well (to avoid spamming other topics :p). They also decided to replace their aging camcorder (well, I kinda forced them to...) for most likely the Canon HF200. This thing also takes SDHC cards. For this I will most likely be going for a 16GB card. I was also looking at Sandisk, the HD Video model (I believe it's called). But please point me to some better alternatives/sizes.
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    With the D10, the largest file size is ~3 MB per image. Personally I like smaller cards for a few reasons, #1 if a single card dies you don't lose everything, #2 it promotes better photo management, if you always have more room on the card, most people don't download it and eventually lose everything (or can't even remember where some of the shots were taken because it's been so long since they cleaned off the card).

    A 1 GB card will get you more than 300 shots which is more than enough for most people. If you are shooting a lot of movies you may want something larger, but I suspect they will use their video camera for most movies.

    It says it can write faster to class 6 cards, so that may be a worthwhile investment.

    I have had many types of SD cards and never had any brand fail on me (yet).

    Link with more info:

    Can't help you with video, that's not my thing.
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    Thanks for the advice.
    Now that I think about it, 8GB might have been a bit over the top. They currently have a 2GB card and can fill it up pretty quickly, so I don't think I'd want to torture them with a 1GB card (plus they do download them after every time, but usually leave some of them on there to show to other people).
    And I will look into those cards; however, they do seem to have a lower rating in comparison with Sandisk on amazon over here.

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