NEED HELP!... accidentally deleted something!


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Nov 4, 2003

so i was trying to erase ilife '09 from my new macbook pro... don't use it or itunes and figured i'd save a few gigs of space. apparently i went a little too far in deleting things and got rid of this:


i figured that i wouldn't need the ilife media browser without ilife, but now ichat or email (and who knows what else?) doesn't work (yeah, i know i'm a klutz!)

so i was wondering if someone out there who has Snow Leopard 10.6 and ilife '09 could email me these files? i think they might actually be present as a .dmg as well. i would be very appreciative.

so maybe PM or reply in the thread if you're willing to help?



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Sep 19, 2009
Case in point of why you shouldn't go deleting things willy-nilly. :) I probably don't have the right files since I am running Leopard with iLife '08. You must have been running as root to delete it because you don't own those files.


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Apr 3, 2009
Is it just that 1 file that you need? It's only 2.3 MB, so shoot me an email (to my gmail account as per my profile) and I'll be glad to replay and email it to you.
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