need help asap please. wife calls but no screen prompt/ring

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    Nov 30, 2012
    IPHONE 4 6.1(10B144) jailbroken.

    wife is calling and all I get is a regular "ding ding" bell ring tone. but my regular ringtone is the "harp"

    I didnt do anything with the phone. I didnt install anything and shes getting pissed and rightly so.

    can I reset something in the phone? she says shes calling and after one ring it hangs up on her with the "du du du" tone. so she texts me to call. we are on two different mobile suppliers. I called from another phone (from a different 3rd supplier( and its ringing and showing up on my screen.

    I also get delayed text messages from her. sometimes 2 hours after.

    not sure what to check to see if its the issue. do not disturb is off. sounds as normal. 3g/data on. airplane off..duh. but not sure what I can check.
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    Nov 30, 2012
    Ok did a clean boot without cydia apps. then had her call. and it was fine. so must be one of the cydia apps. were pinpointing it to the ninja sms/call blocker. which was the recent ones I added. not sure why now its misbehaving after using it for a while now.

    -if anyone ever needs to know to load the phone without cydia.

    -press and hold power button till red slider comes on, slide it over and power it down. let it power down (turning working dial goes away).
    -press and hold power button again
    -wait for apple log and then immediately press and keep holding the volume up button.
    -wait for it to go to lock screen. release, go in and ull see all your settings in default.
    wow I miss my keyboard tweaks. typing on the phone with the built in keyboard is torture. what crap. seems snappier though

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