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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by DeSeNt, Dec 10, 2011.

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    Hello all, am only several weeks in as a 4s user and i got a good idea for a skin that i want to implement. Basically i want to do a certain design on a suede back skin. The problem is i can't seem to find someone that can manufacture it (i don't have any experience finding this individuals) and i have looked around. I have found suede fabric with an adhesive applied but it does not inform me if it is the similar 3m type adhesive that is non-permanent (as my research from others showed) so basically i am wondering if anyone knows of any places i can search of if i go a crazy route and buy a back skin (hardwood looking skin) from an individual and then overlay with the suede and attempt to create my design from there...

    The idea's i have be a simple design in my opinion at least for this one, i have others but they would be more difficult to achieve.. any idea's? would give this community first dibs if interested and i am able to achieve my thoughts.

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    Your best bet is to just contact 3m directly and speak to someone there who is familiar with all of the different types of adhesives and from my understanding it is very easy to apply your designs to 3m's existing adhesive products and then it is just a matter of how much supply you are going to need. Sounds like all you're going to need is a double sided adhesive film which is permanent on one side to hold the suede to the product and the other side non permanent to be re-applicable. Shouldn't be that difficult. And adhesive films are pretty affordable when bought in bulk so it shouldn't be that expensive to produce a large quantity of product which will keep ur overhead down.

    As far as the company you already found, cant you contact them to find out what type of adhesive is on the back of it?

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