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    Feb 28, 2005
    right.. im leaving the tiny island of jersey and moving to the uk in september and im having a bit of a dilema.. im selling my powerbook (see below) and i want to buy something more powerful to last me till the end of uni because i will be poor for the next few years... Now.. do i get a mac mini 1.42? (or whatever new rev comes out soon) or a Powermac G5.. Im not fussed about the intel move as ppc will be supported for a long time..
    i can get a PM G5 dual 2ghz for £954 which is real cheap or a mac mini for near on £400 after i upgrade to bluetooth and AE.. obviously the powermac is more of a beast but my uni will have 100 G5's by september so if i need the power (will be editing in final cut and producing music in digital performer) i can just use theirs and settle with a mac mini for my dorm hooked up to my 20" ACD.. But i dont know how im gonna get all my stuff there, a mac mini will fit in my backpack if needed, but a G5 will have to be shipped seperately to the uk and i dont know whether its worth the hasstle.. but im thinking i'll enjoy the power of the dual 2 in my room as opposed to the mini.. someone help... what do i do? moving a G5 from country to country dont seem as safe as a mini.. aargh!! help!
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