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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Abstract, Apr 1, 2010.

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    I need a bike, or at least I want a bike. I haven't owned a bike in 15 years, and know almost nothing about bikes except what I have researched on the internet over the past week.

    I think I'll be a really casual rider, which means I'll likely ride in the city as a way to get myself around. I live in the middle of Melbourne, which is fairly "bike friendly". Every shop categorises their bikes differently, but what I'm looking at are the hybrid bikes, city/urban bikes, or commuter bikes. I think they're all quite similar.

    Here are a few bikes I'm considering: (ignore the prices. They're not in US dollars)

    1. Giant Transend City (hybrid)

    2. Avanti Discovery 8C 10 (hybrid)

    3. Giant Suede City (urban/city).

    4. Kona Humu (urban/city, single-speed)

    5. Kona World Bike (urban/city)

    The only thing I'm (fairly) sure I want in a bike are internal gears. I went to a shop where the salesman said for myself a single-speed bike was a great choice due to their very low maintenance, which isn't necessarily true of 21/24/27 speed bikes. From what I have read, internal gears may be even better, and still provide me with gear options! Are they durable enough for long-ish rides? :confused:

    What I'm not sure of is steel vs. aluminium frame, or style of bike. Both the hybrid and urban/city bikes I'm looking at allow me to sit more upright, which should be more comfortable, but is this OK for most riding conditions?

    Do I want the larger diameter tyres that look similar to road bikes but slightly wider? This would result in less friction than mountain bike tyres, and less pedalling. How about the smaller, fatter tyres that look similar to mountain bike tyres? They're supposed to be really comfortable, but require more pedalling due to higher friction.

    So it's really down to the urban bikes (e.g. The Giant Suede City), or a hybrid bike.

    Should I stop being such a wuss and get a geared 21/24/27 speed bike? :confused: What about single-speed?

    I know that I should go and test any bike that I want to buy. I have tried both styles of bikes, but since I have little experience with owning or riding a bike, I don't want to base my decision on a few minutes of personal experience. :eek:
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    For me, fit is far more important than anything else. You'll be sitting on it 15-30 minutes each time you ride it I'm guessing - no sense in killing your back trying to reach too far ahead or smack your chin with your knees.
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    Me too. I'm not trying to break the land speed record or anything, so sitting a bit upright is a priority.

    I've narrowed it down to the Giant Transend City, a few 7- and 8-speeds from Bianchi and Trek that I can't really afford, a GT bike that's just like the Giant I want (but much uglier), and a bunch of other bikes with 21/24/27 speeds. I wouldn't even consider them if they weren't so cheap at the moment. Summer is just ending, and all 2009 models of most 'normal' bikes are on sale.

    I'll probably go for the Transend. I wouldn't even be looking at other bikes if it weren't such a shockingly yuppie green. :rolleyes:
  4. easepease macrumors regular

    Feb 9, 2010
    well not sure if its your style reading what you wrote... but for me i really like my cannondale quick 5. Its a good mix of road bike speed with out the weird position and high cost, and cruser. I use to ride for short trips under 5 miles casually with a backpack no problem, and it also works as a good bike to get a workout in with. Anyway just my $(1/50) ! happy riding with whatever you get
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    Oct 18, 2009
    I know nothing about bikes, but the Giant Transend City (hybrid) looks pretty comfy.
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