need help buying a used ibook


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May 11, 2006

I have an emac but would like to buy a cheap used ibook for extensive summer travel. I will need the laptop for writing and downloading images.
I have never owned a portable macintosh and know very little about them. I would appreciate any tips on :

a-) selecting a laptop for these needs and/or other features I should be looking for;
b-) a good on-line store for purchasing one (since I can't find any used macs locally)

These are the features I am looking for in the ibook:

--accept Panther or higher
--have USB ports
--have CD-ROM drive
--be as small and light as possible (12" screen)

would be nice:
--DVD combo drive



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Feb 2, 2006
Kennesaw, GA
how much do you want to spend? My advice is to wait for the new MacBooks that SHOULD be released in a couple weeks. But if you can't spend a lot or you need it ASAP, I'd go to the apple website, go to the store, and then go to the refurbished section. You can get one there for $799 that's practically brand new (same warranty and looks almost new if not perfect, plus u get everything you would get if you bought it new).


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Jan 9, 2006
There is someone in the marketplace selling an ibook for 350 bucks. Sounds like it would meet your needs perfectly. Its also the 12" so it would be great nad small for travel.