Need help choosing a new home network solution.


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Jul 26, 2012

I need a new network at home. What mac products should I get?

1500 sq/ft condo.
I have 1 desktop PC requires lan 1000base and backwards capable.
2 pc laptops with wireless n.
3 mobile devices; 2 HTC thunderbolts, and a nook
1 new MacBook Pro.

Additionally I have multiple external HDs powered by their own separate cord, and a hp 5180 photo printer/copier/scanner.

I have a home office where I will want the desktop, printer, wireless router, and HD's located. (The cable modem is located here as well)

I want to have a network shared printer, and network shared HD. I would also like some form of backup for my MacBook I have a 1tb HD I can dedicate to this.

4 external drives are currently accessible through the desktop and store media which is shared throughout the house. S........l.........O..........W......wtfbbq

The last 2 HDs are dedicated for backup

The local apple store can't tell me if the airport extreme will support multiple HDs and printer.

Anyways your suggestions/guidance will be appreciated.
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Jul 26, 2012
P.s. I would like to buy this gear on my way home from DC this weekend, but excellence is achieved through patience and planning.

But I need to know soon gales and guys;)

Lol thanks


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Sep 21, 2011
I really wouldn't recommend using multiple HDD's to the AEBS if you're looking for any kind of speed. Have a USB hub for the printer and one of the drives, for the rest you can see if you can find an ethernet to USB hub with gigabit connectivity...


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Aug 22, 2007
You can connect a USB hub to an Extreme to connect multiple devices.

The screenshot is from
I tried that, with a printer and HD. Had to really fiddle around with power-up sequence to make the extreme even see both, and couldn't get it to work well (hard drive was SUPER slow). Gave up.

You could use your 1000base PC as the HD server.

BTW, tried an ASUS N-600. Great router, couldn't get it to host my printer worth a damn, and it only supports one wireless network, so I returned it (amazon).


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Oct 5, 2003
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AirPort Extreme, if you have the money.

AirPort Express if you have another way to manage the hard drives, like suggested through any of the other computers. Or want to have wireless network hard drive/server.

Ask the people at the Apple Store, they can certainly help you answer all your questions.

You might be thinking about a Time Capsule, I don't have one, as I don't believe it is a wise move to have your backups inside the wireless station. If something fails you have to have one thing affected by the other
If the network side fails the hard drive goes with it, or if the hard drive fails then network goes with it, I mean if you have it down and keep your whole house without network, or the hard drive is not available while troubleshooting or repairing.

For good backups, have redundant copies, besides Time Machine, have another backup.


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Jul 26, 2012
Ok so I could get an airport extreme which would allow for lan, wifi n, run a single HD, and host my printer..

I will then continue to map other drives through desktop