Need Help constucting new wireless setup

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by MrMacMan, Jan 8, 2006.

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    Alright guys I've reached the end of my technical knowledge when it comes to wireless.

    I'm really annoyed that I don't know how i should be doing this.. but here it goes.

    I just got a new Powermac G5 (the dual core) to replace my 800MHZ 17'' FP iMac.

    The way I have my network setup is this:
    1) Cable --> 2) Cable modem -->
    3) Router (splits to 2 places)
    4) a) --> Airport (not extreme) --> continues to laptops
    b) --> iMac 800 MHZ FP: does not continue to split network, it ends here
    5) a) Clamshell iBook (has airport card)
    b) White dual-usb iBook (has airport card)

    Alright so i hope you got that... but I am adding an G5 PowerMac i have no idea how im going to get wireless connectivity to my iMac without stealing (and thats not an option) from one of the laptops.

    I have heard of usb adaptors, (ethernet based adaptor? same thing?), Airport like cards, the actual airport card all as options (or i could have have a clue what my options are.)

    I was looking for an airport cards but i guess because supply ran to 0 they are really really expensive now like $100+, so id rather not be forced into that area.

    My question is:
    Are the compatible cards that fit in the 'airport card' slot? I know apple is going to tell me that it works only for them but obviously they didnt create they own standard... Are their 3rd party cards? What are they called generically. Not PCMCIA... 'PC Slot'

    Yeah so give me info on what my options are...
    Oh yeah there is also a bonus question that my dad asked me:
    'If we upgrade to airport extreme is there any added bonus except for the G5 PowerMac now being able to go wireless?' (like more range for the network, better speeds for older cards/laptops)

    Thanks alot guys,
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    I don't believe there are any 3rd party wifi cards that fit into the airport slot. There are, however, external USB wifi devices that should work. Something like this...

    edit: Did you buy your powermac with APX installed? If so, it should be backwards compatible with your current airport network.
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    Jul 4, 2001
    1 Block away from NYC.
    APX = airport extreme ?

    No we didn't buy it in the PowerMac, my question wasn't 'was it backwards compatible' it was 'what the hell do i do now with an iMac that needs wireless connectivity without buying a $100+ old airport card'.

    The USB link you have there seems to get a 5 star rating... then a 1 star rating... then a 5 star rating... thats kinda inconsistent ?:eek:

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