Need help creating secure folders on iDisk

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    I'm a music composer and I want to use the iDisk for passing files back and forth to clients, securely. Let's say I have 2 shows. I set up 2 folders in iDisk on the public folder: Client A and Client B. Is there a way to setup a password for each folder so Client A can't access Client B's folder? Maybe I'm missing a simple way to do this. I'm sure Apple will change everything once this cloud thing happens...Any ideas?
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    For letting the clients access files you can just use the share function to email a link. Can password protect, though the link address is not named after the file/folder so you'd have to be very lucky or determined to access other files.

    Uploading files is trickier - not tried it but I'd guess that anyone with access to the public folder would be able to download any other files there. Could try to move them immediately after they are uploaded if you can, or depending on the number of clients set up specified times/days for each and change the public password accordingly, but not very elegant or simple.
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    thanks for the sharing, that is really nice info, i also needed of that very much.

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