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    Dec 6, 2010
    Heres what I wrote on UPSB, the penspinning forum, but I'm asking everywhere for some help:

    So, there are these three genius 6th grade kids or move up to my 9th grade geometry class. They won this big science competition and got interviewed with fox news. My bud (yea he's short lol) and I sat in the back and watched, little did we know we were on camera the whole time, penspinning of course. So if I can't find out a way to get me and him off of the video clip I'm threatened with expulsion, no joke. So if there are any of you tech/video editing pros out there if you could try to work at it or tell me how to work on it, it would be greatly appreciated

    Here are some quotes from a pm I sent so you guys can have some better understanding:

    "The parents are enraged because I ruined their children's "moment" and because my school is private, they kiss *** to people who donate, especially over a million"

    "They want me to be severely punished and and the school will have to make it happen. Even if it seems ridiculous to expel me for this they are trying to find a way to phrase it to make it sound more rational. And then, if they still cant expel me they will, quoted from the vice principal "Make sure you never get into a good school no matter how hard you try" Editing the video is my only hope to at least cool their rage, which will hopefully save me from this level of repremandment."

    I'm really desperate, and any help is definitely appreciated.

    I know you can easily mask it in AE, but I'm stuck iMovie 7 and don't have access to any real movie editing program. So if there is anyone willing to do it tonight for my it would mean the world, and my education.
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    Oct 29, 2008
    I have a question : How exactly do you want us to help you?

    - The Video is on Fox's Youtube Channel.
    - Even if we downloaded the Video
    - Blurred the Background with some false DOF (Which we will still be able to see you people spin your pens)
    - We can't put it back on Fox's Youtube Channel.
    - Even if we did upload it onto a different account, Fox would still have that version (Which would get far more views).

    I do have to wonder how you and your buddy wouldn't have guessed that the camera was facing you (Never do what you will regret in front of a camera regardless whether you think you are filmed or not).

    I think, you will have a better chance if you threaten to talk to a paper if you get expelled about the school and the student (And Parents)'s way of treating the matter. I do however, see how you people ruined the kid's moment (How often do you get to go on TV, and be in Prime Time News!?) as I was more fixed on you two rather than the three kids most of the time. Reason? The Pen Spinning was very distracting, and shows a form of rudeness.

    That said, I don't agree with what the school plans to do - so talking to the media is the best choice you've got. I doubt there's anyone of us who can help you edit the video and upload it back into Fox's account. I'm sorry to say.
  3. poisoned thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 6, 2010
    I have a pretty good quality mediafire link:

    Well I was more thinking of some sort of mask in ae, I know it's a to ask of people like this but I'm truly stuck. I have a friend who can do it, but he wont have time to get around to it for a couple of days, and I was looking to see if anyone could do it sooner. Really anyway of covering us up, even a false blur works. The parents and our school just want to be able to brag about this to other schools so even if its not on the fox news page they can have a video file and show it/email it. In my defense, it was a mac desktop webcam doing the filming, and they were all huddled up around it, it looked like it would be lucky if they even saw part of my face. There was also another on of my buds, doing the same thing to the right of me (I'm the one with the blond hair) and my left leg was touching his right and he cant even be seen except for his shoulder a few times. Not only that, but the teacher who was in the room who set up the interview never signaled us to stop, we looked over at him quite a bit and he just smiled, so we assumed we weren't on camera and it wasn't a problem. I'm not saying it wasn't a little disrespectful, but we had no intention of "ruining" it.
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    Oct 20, 2009
    I'm sorry to revel, but this is so hilarious. :D

    Nice spinning of pens, though! Perhaps it was boring and demeaning to have to sit through younger classmates being worshipped by Fox. Perhaps you'll become an internet meme and get promotional offers from pen companies! Circulate the video around your penspinners forums to get some traction, maybe. Find someone who can get it noticed on Digg. Then, maybe Fox will give you the next interview as they investigate the newest youth craze - Penspinning! You never know...

    I'd say to calm your fears, I'm sure it will be fine.

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