Need help finding a car charger....


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Oct 28, 2006
Alice, TX
Ok, I may be on my way to get an iPhone 4S in a couple of hours, but I need a car charger, and I can't seem to find one that fits the bill.

Here are my requirements:
*I guess 2.1 amps outputs (just from searching found out I want/need that)
*Coiled cable
*Has a Line Out so the audio goes from the dock connector to my car stereo
*I would prefer it to have a female plug for the Line Out as I use a cassette adaptor

That's about it. Most I see have the straight USB cable. I like the coiled one so it's out of the way.

Also, let's say I get a call with someone like this. Will the calls be routed through the car stereo or can I pick it up to use it? I prefer the latter as I wouldn't have a microphone anywhere.


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Jul 24, 2009
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Belkin used to do what your after with exception to the coiled cable. Not sure if u can find them as most are dual socket USB now


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Jun 14, 2010
Any insight on this??
Horsehooey. A 5 volt source is a 5 volt source. A poorly built car charger that doesn't regulate voltage well might create an issue, but that would be due to buying a cr@ppy accessory not due to it being a car charger.


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Aug 16, 2007
Puerto Rico
Yup... everything except the coiled cable:

The story about crappy car chargers is true. I bought a charger/audio cable (the one that uses the 30 pin dock connector to charge and pass thru audio at the same time) and my car battery went dead in like 3 weeks of use. A friend of mine bought the same charger a week after and the same thing happened to him, dead car battery. Try to avoid those...
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