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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by psycho3764, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. psycho3764 macrumors newbie

    Jul 20, 2010
    I recently bought my wife an iPad Air 2, but finding a case she likes has been tricky.
    She basically wants an iPad case similar to the Portenza Alani wallet case for the iPhone.
    Has anyone seen an iPad case that has a separate shell case that can be removed from a bigger almost binder type of case? She wants to be able to carry the iPad around with in a notebook type thing where she can keep some work documents , but also be able to remove the iPad from it when she needs to pull it out separately.
    I know this is a different type of setup, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask around. Thanks for any help you guys have!
  2. PrincessV macrumors newbie

    Dec 17, 2012

    Have you looked at the new design from Booq for the Air 2? While it does not have "book" appearance, it does include a notepad & a couple of slots for pad & paper. Also, the iPad can be removed from the case.


    Hope this helps!
  3. ZipZap macrumors 603

    Dec 14, 2007
    This is the case you want. IMO…best case going for the iPad Air 2

    Click Me
  4. psycho3764 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 20, 2010
    Thank ya'll for the help!
    Will show these to the wife tonight.

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