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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by nickyj182, Jun 26, 2016.

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    Hey guys, I'm wanting to order some Blank DVD's with a custom cover printed to them. I have googled this into the ground and have been to a ton of sites, but almost all of these guys require a bulk order of at least 100 or more. I am just wanting to get 5 of one design, and 5 of a different one. Thought someone out there might know a site that I might be overlooking. Thanks in advance!
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    For such small quantities, it'll be much easier to find someone with an inkjet printer that can print DVDs. Not quite the same in terms of quality and durability of the printed image, but I'm afraid I would be surprised if you find anyone who will jump on your small job.
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    Aug 18, 2014
    Epson makes some printers that will print DVD/CD labels onto the discs, and does a very good job with the right software and media. I've been making my own for many years. I use Discus for the label making software and Tayo-Yuden (JVC) Watershield media (excellent high gloss and waterproof). Your best bet for small runs is to find someone with a similar set up.
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    Canon also makes some direct to cd inkjet printers (I own a mg7120, there is probably an updated version.)

    Tayo-Yuden (now JVC) are excellent dvd's, but be sure to order inkjet printable versions. I haven't ordered them in a few years, but the best prices were from either or
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    Oh, and I used discllabel from smile software, instead of the included software with the printer.
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    Yeah, one of these CD/DVD print capable printers is less than $100. (I have an Epson and I just use their software)
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    Within a few miles of us we have a couple storefront businesses that do media conversion, like pictures to CD and MiniDV to hard disc. When they converted 8mm film to DVD for me, they printed a frame on the media. So if you have a something like that near you, they would probably do a short run at a fair price.

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