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    Feb 6, 2014
    I'm using the Maps app in El Capitan. I run 2 to 3 miles each day and I would like to find the mileage between two points. I tried dropping pins, but each subsequent pin removes the previous pin. Maps always wants to start at my current location, but I want to find the mileage between two random points. Another problem is that Maps shows the shortest route, with alternate routes in light blue. What if I want to run a route that isn't shown at all?

    How would I go about finding the mileage between two points? Is there a way to drop a pin and have that pin serve as the starting location for directions? Dragging a pin into the editable field of directions doesn't seem to work.
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    I have no idea how to do it in Maps, but it is dead easy in Google Maps.

    Go to Google Maps in you web browser, the move and resize the map so that both the start and end points of your run are visible. Right click on the start point and choose "navigate from here". The right-click on the end point and choose "navigate to here". It should pick a route and show the distance. You can select a pedestrian rather than automobile route by clicking on the pedestrian icon at the top left.

    You can also change the route just by dragging it.
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    Oh, it's quite nice that I can drag the route to what I want and it will show distance. Thank you.

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