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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by LeKiD, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Aug 31, 2007
    Hi guys, I'm preparing myself to shoot a documentary on 3 hunters in North America. There is a budget, quite interesting but not a million! I was wondering if I could get me some advices from pro documentary filmmakers for my first step into broadcast filmmaking. Basicaly, I have an HDV camera but it might go on HD channels... would that be a problem? (HDV vs. HD) And, can I wire the 3 hunters all together with wireless mics or should I boom them... espacially if there is a lot of running around with the equipment?

    The camera I own is the Canon XH-A1

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    AFAIK no network will take HDV as a delivery format and at least some won't take a program if HDV was the main format used. To keep from selling yourself short down the road you might want to look into renting a full sized Sony or Panasonic HD camera. The best way to plan a production is to start at the end first. Nail down what your final delivery format will be (or at the very least what the various networks/cable stations will accept for HD) and use that as your starting point. Your entire work flow will be based around the most efficient, cost effective, and high quality way to get your doc onto that final delivery format.

    Some good online resources:

    You also might consider enlisting a consultant like Mike Curtis who has the awesome blog. Spending a few hundred bucks (or whatever, I'm not sure how much Mike charges) on a consultant like Mike now to plan a solid workflow can literally save you thousands, possible tens of thousands, of dollars (not to mention a lot of stress) down the line. You'll also want to get your editor involved now (yes, get your post production guy involved in pre-production) so production and post can all be on the same page. The last thing you want is to shoot this whole thing then have yer editor go, "Oh, well, you guys really should've shot in mode X, not mode Y."

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    Thanks for the post Lethal... I'll check your info for sure...very helpful!
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    Wireless option

    I'd be curious to hear what sort of response you get for your audio inquiry.
    Not sure how much talking goes on while hunting- if it's a lot of whispering maybe lavs are the way to go- I wouldn't think that you'd have any problems w/other RF interference out in the woods. On the other hand, I wonder which animals can hear those pilot signals sent between the transmitter and receiver..
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    Wireless miking doesn't have great range either, so you would have to keep up with your subject. But at least it won't be as cumbersome as using a boom.

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