Need Help for Iphone 6+ switch from AT&T to T-mobile

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by DaveMike11, Sep 27, 2014.

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    Feb 26, 2014

    I need some help from you guys. I have been in a dilemma on this for a week.

    Here is my situation. I've been AT&T customer for almost 8 yrs now. I've been happy with their service so far. But recently got more interested in T-mobile due to their low prices. I'm interested in T-mobile offer of 4 lines for $100. with AT&T I have 2 lines myself & wife's and pay $90 (2GB data) + $25 for wife's AT&T next plan monthly cost of her iphone 5s. My line is out of contract since a year. I recently ordered the iphone6+ thru apple with AT&T next plan. Its still sitting in the box since I'm confused thinking of T-mobile switch. I called AT&T yesterday to find out details for my line cancellation. The retention department negotiated and offered me $150 credit and a iphone 6+ case as well to activate my new iphone 6+ & stay with AT&T.

    Here are my questions & i need you guys expert advice on what should i do.
    1. I have my other colleague who is willing to join me to sign-up 4 lines with T-mobile for $100. Is this a good option to save money? Should i go ahead and signup ?
    If Yes then I have to Pay off my wife's iphone 5s($500) with AT&T and I return back my ip6+ to apple to remove it from my account and then switch to T-mobile?
    2. Stick with AT&T then Activate the new ip6+ ?
    3. Will T-mobile pay any money as ETF for my switch from AT&T? My wife's iphone 5s is on a AT&T Next plan (installments). My new Iphone 6+ is also AT&T Next ?
    4. Will my new Iphone6+ (ATT) work with T-mobile when activated first time with T-mobile SIM? or the only way is to return my ATT iphone6+ to apple and get t-mobile version of iphone 6+?

    I need your help guys. Thanks in advance
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    Feb 26, 2014
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    In order for T-Mobile to pay your ETFs you have to trade in phones to them and also concurrently buy a phone from them. So your wife will need to give them her 5S and purchase a new phone from them.

    Basically if you're planning to purchase your 6+ for full retail from Apple and assuming your wife will be financing a new iPhone 6 from T-Mobile, you're probably looking at around $130 after taxes for 4 lines.
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    Feb 26, 2014

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