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    Sep 13, 2013
    I transitioned to Mac when Mavericks was released after being a PC user my entire life. I have the Late 2013 rMBP with OS X 10.9.2.

    I still have my Dell Inspiron 23 computer running Windows 7, with my Dell v715w connected directly to that computer via USB and shared over the network. I've been trying to figure out how to get the printer driver installed on my rMBP so I can print to it, but I'm having some problems.

    When I open the print utility, I can discover the printer by clicking + then selecting Windows and drilling down to it being shared from my PC. When I go down to Use: Choose a Driver, I can't find a listed driver. This is what I'm trying to do:

    The Mac OS driver is located here:

    I note that Dell has not updated this driver for Mavericks yet, but I figured I would give it a try. I downloaded the zip file and extracted the DMG, but when I click to try to install it, all that happens is that a new virtual disk ends up on my desktop with a .pkg file in it.

    I searched around and found this link to the Lexmark printer drivers (my Dell printer is a Lexmark printer under the hood):

    When I download and try to install this driver the same behavior happens...I end up with a Lexmark Printer Drivers virtual HD on my desktop with a .pkg file in it. It's like a self-licking ice cream cone, I obviously don't know the proper way to install printer drivers, someone help!

    I have things I need to print, and I'm really trying to avoid using my PC to do this...aka I'm looking for a long term solution to ditch the PC completely. In fact I only turned on my PC for the first time since Nov this week to print.

    edit: forgot to add I do have Bonjour installed on the PC.
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    Install the Lexmark drivers by opening the disk image and launching the pkg.
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    I think you are almost there - don't stop now! There should be just one more step.
    You downloaded the .zip file, which expanded to a .dmg.
    Opening that, in turn mounts a .pkg file, which you should then open.
    That will launch the in OS X, and should then install what's needed to use your printer (assuming that the same driver updated for 10.8 will still work with 10.9 - worth a try… )
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    Sep 13, 2013
    do I delete the disk image after installation?

    I was finally able to get the Lexmark drivers to show up as a choice under User: Select Software, but not the Dell driver, following your instructions.

    For those wondering, the Dell V715w printer = Lexmark Pro 700 series.

    I also took the opportunity to set the printer up on wifi instead of relying on the USB link to the PC (which doesn't work when the PC is asleep anyway), and was able to successfully print a test page!
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    You want to "eject" the disk image first. Open the Finder and look for it under Devices like where mine says Onyx. Click that little up arrow next to it and that will eject (dismount) the image. Then you can either trash it or save it somewhere if you want keep it for reinstall later.

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