Need Help Identifying Bondi Blue iMac G3 Revision Version & Picking Upgrades

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    I picked up an iMac G3 Bondi Blue tray loading model at an estate sale and I am trying to figure out if it is the first version or the revision B model?

    The serial number is XA833JMSDFN and the date above the serial number is “8/13/1998 A-6 9:52 PM”. It also says “BTO - Z00A00001”.

    I am guessing it’s not revision B because of the date 8/13/1998 which I am guessing means it was made 2 days prior to the launch date? I tried to check in OS X 10.2 but system profiler doesn’t say which graphics card it has.

    I want to max the hard drive and memory but Wikipedia says 1st gen models can be expanded to 384MB (128MB supported by Apple). I plan to install OS X 10.2, will it see 384MB or should I do 128MB?

    For the hard drive, can I use any IDE 3.5” hard drive as long as it is 128GB or less? I believe I need to make the boot part where OS X is installed 8 GB and make the rest of the room a separate petition?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    From every mac dot com:
    XA833JMSDFN seems generic for either Rev A or B:

    Here's more info:
    The "revision A" iMac (M6709LL/A) and "revision B" iMac (M6709LL/B) are identical with the exception of graphics systems.
    The "revision A" model -- introduced May 6, 1998 and shipped August 15, 1998 -- has ATI Rage IIc graphics with 2 MB of VRAM
    and the "revision B" model -- introduced October 26, 1998 -- has ATI Rage Pro Turbo graphics with 6 MB of VRAM.
    This webpage has all kinds of Bondi info & details including RAM possibilities:

    Regarding locating M6709LL/A or B
    OSX > Apple System Profiler > Hardware Overview > Sales Order Number > M6709LL/A or B

    In Classic, I'm guessing that the "M6709LL/A" or B would be located:
    Apple System Profiler > Production information > M6709LL/A or B, UNLESS an owner upgrade or modification exists.

    BTO = Built To Order, a customer's request for a more expensive build.
    I don't think there were a lot of options.
    I'm guessing with your Bondi more RAM than the standard 32 MB…or maybe the 4 MB VRAM graphics upgrade?
    Not sure if there was a bigger HDD upgrade. Those 4 GB drives were slow & clunky.
    And I think they were ATA16 not ATA33.

    Maybe you've discovered the GPU specs by now, but here goes:
    In OSX Panther's Apple System Profiler, the graphics is identified in
    Hardware Overview > PCI/AGP Cards

    In Classic's Apple System Profiler, the graphics is identified in
    Devices and Volumes > PCI

    I have the Bondi RevB (original owner), but replaced my mobo with a $25 craiglisted Colored iMac's Sonnet 500 Firewire modded mobo.
    Sacrilege, I know, since there'd be a lot more value 19 yrs later for untouched original builds.
    Also put the 8 MB Voo Doo card in the mezzanine slot & have a 15GB Compact Flash card (IDE to CF adapter) as the main drive.
    If running OSX with its virtual memory lessens the life of the CF, I'm OK with that though I mainly run 9.2.2.
    My Bondi's CRT is eventually gonna die; it clicks every so & so & the brightness is darkening.

    EDIT: Forgot to address your question about the capacity of a Bondi's IDE 3.5" drive.
    Yes, you're right about the Bondi's 128 GB usage limit.
    But a larger drive can be connected but personally I think the unseen zombie space seems kinda spooky or haunted.

    HDD Capacity Older Macs.png
    Read more at:

    Low End Mac has this to say about HDD size/partitioning:
    lowendmac_Bondi HDD partitions.png

    And the webpage has a wealth of info & details including the RAM possibilities:
    Bondi RAM-VRAM.png

    Other Info:
    Differences between the original Bondi iMac G3 models

    Low End Macs page on the Rev B:

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