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    It's a shot in the dark, but I really like this silicone case I got for my iphone 6 and I want to get one for my iphone 7. It has no logos to identify it. But I love the smooth feeling and rounded edges, plus it protects the bottom instead of leaving it open. Does anyone know the name of the original or can recommend one that's similar?

    - Soft silicone
    - Came in smoked transparent black
    - Bottom covered
    - tiny lip over the screen

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    Well, how did you buy it in the first place? Was it a gift, or did you use paypal, credit card, a bank?
    Surely the history of those payments might disclose where it came from - if you can still access that data.
    Was there perhaps an email you could search for like 'case', see if you spot it in the search result list?

    And btw, that is one sexy looking case.
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