Need help identifying video presentation software!

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by anson89, Oct 29, 2007.

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    WTF are you asking? The fourth image in the fourth row is a photograph taken of a group on-stage, with stage lighting and fog machines. What does software have to do with it? Are you asking about the video projection screen in the background? If so, it looks like they're projecting a convergence test pattern at that moment... or just a bunch of dots.

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    that reply was awesome
    im talking about picture 14
    4th column, 3rd picture
    dont be screaming at me
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    You point people to the wrong picture and then complain when they question you?
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    If worse case scenario permits, it might not hurt to email the company in question.

    1300 88 33 21
    03 9896 7999
    fax: 03 9830 7683
    international phone: +61 3 9896 7999
    international fax: +61 3 9830 7683
    post: PO Box 641, Box Hill, VIC 3128, Australia
    in person: 405 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, VIC 3127

    There might actually be 2 programs running there, as well as another computer.

    If you take a snapshot and ramp up the levels, you will see 2-3 more hardware devices under the table int he darkness as well as make out he is sitting in front of a hardware interface.

    The laptops monitor, since its hardly visible might be running the lights and the second computer looks like the stage visuals.

    There are a few monitors there, I would suggest there is another computer. Sure you could extend the laptop with another VGA however, if you try and extend that even more with a usb 2 to vga cable for that kind of work it would crap out badly.

    There are lots of free light control stage applications

    As well as hardware interfaces

    For all we know he might be checking his email with the quality of information presented in that photo.

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