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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by joshuarobi, Sep 24, 2010.

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    I just moved into a mother-in-law unit. It's about at most 50 feet from the main house. My landlord has the Suddenlink bundled tv, internet with wifi, and phone. She has a desktop so she doesn't have any need for the wifi. I believe it's just there for the tenant (me). The wifi has not been reliable and is slow. I can't use netflix, youtube, web pages sometimes load slowly, router needs to be reset often, etc.

    What sucks is I've got a mini in my entertainment system and a MB for "around the house" all 300 sq. ft. of it. :D I've got an airport extreme not being used and I'm curious if this can help my situation at all. Will it be more powerful than the Netgear router she has? Will the wireless-N benefit my mini and MB? I'm pretty much looking for any options other than running a separate ethernet cable out to my place. I do have a good coaxial splitter though.
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    Regardless of which router you use, if you run ethernet to your quarters and setup the router there it will be vastly better.

    If you have to use the existing setup try to put the router in a window, the walls may be affecting it more than the distance, especially if this is an older house (wire mesh was used to support the plaster walls).

    Check the model of the router. You might be able to put an external antenna on it if it doesn't have one. Better yet, you might get a directional antenna to put in the window.

    I believe you can setup the Airport Extreme to access the wireless relay it to your quarters. That might work better than the laptop.

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