Need help installing backtrack properly on parallels....

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    Mar 14, 2011
    When im about to install backtrack on parallels it asks me what kind of OS it is and BT isnt listed in their list so what do i choose?

    When i had it installed before i always chose other linux but i dont know if i was doing it right.

    can some one post a link to a tutorial how to do it right?
  2. MacAttack85, Dec 10, 2011
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    BackTrack VM for Mac | How to Install

    Choose Linux Kernel 2.6 and you should be in business. I created a tutorial and a parallels image.

    • Search for the BackTrack ISO
    • If it hangs, push enter
    • Click the first option in the menu
    • This will allow you to boot into a Live CD
    • Then install by clicking the desktop icon
    • At reboot type at the root command:


    password: toor;

    and to get to your desktop type: startx

    Tried and tested on BackTrack 5 Gnome version 64bit

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