Need help justifying the purchase of the iPad


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Sep 3, 2007
Hello All,

I am tempted to buy the iPad but clearly I don't see what i'd actually use it for. I currently already have 1 MBP and another HP ProBook Notebook, I have 2 powerful Desktop PCs and I also have a iPhone 3GS. I'm not sure how the iPad would fit into my daily life. It's cool and all, but worth it?

I don't read books, watch movies on my big-screen. hmm...

Can someone sell me on this? to me, it's nothing but an oversized iPod. This a correct consensus?


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Jan 28, 2005
American Riviera
Why should we justify your purchase? If you don't have a need, don't buy one. It's as simple as that, really. Enjoy all the other devices you have already!


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Sep 3, 2007
Why should we justify your purchase? If you don't have a need, don't buy one. It's as simple as that, really. Enjoy all the other devices you have already!
yes but i'm a gadget freak that can't help myself.. LOL


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Dec 2, 2002
As gauchogolfer said, if you don't need it, don't buy one. No one says you have to buy one. Maybe after it's been out for a while and some new apps come out, you then have a need. Let everyone else test drive it before you spend the money.


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May 6, 2009
South Yorkshire, England
I'm in the same boat. I already have a MacBook, an iPhone and a desktop PC and although I really want an iPad, I do not really need it. I tried to justify buying it but at the end of the day, I only want it because it's apples latest thing and not because I was going to get a lot of use out of it.

I'm now using all of my willpower to stay away from the iPad so I cannot buy it!


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Sep 3, 2009
If you haven't watched the keynote, that's where I would start. If that doesn't convince you, you might not want one.


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Mar 11, 2010
Agree with other posters.

If I hadn't been able to envision multiple real-world usage scenarios immediately (and if the price hadn't been so much lower than anticipated) I wouldn't be buying one.


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Sep 1, 2009
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True gadget people buy just because it's a gadget & don't ask others to justify their purchase. =)


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Jul 10, 2008
I have a 15" MacBook Pro and an iPhone 3G. I bought the iPad as my main general use device. I intend to take it on flights/trips over my 15" MBP, and I no longer use my iPhone for multiple purposes because quite frankly, I don't want to unless I have to because the screen is so small. Also, I was going to buy a Kindle for myself for Christmas, but held off knowing the iPad was coming...I intend to use iBooks religiously. The iPad will be my new main computer....with the MBP being used primarily for productivity, writing papers and hulu/skype at the moment.

Nobody can talk you into buying something however. You either want it or you don't. If you're on the fence, just wait to play with one in an Apple Store.


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Sep 11, 2007
Toronto, Canada
I have a MacBook Air and an iPhone 3GS my self, but I've now decided to purchase an iPad on day one.

The ways I justify it:

- It'll be a quick way for me to access the web without having to wait 45 seconds for my Mac to turn on.

- The 10 hours of battery life will really allow me to use my iPad for more casual computer needs, while using my computer for more of the heavy lifting (or when I need to watch a flash video, LOL) .

- It's amazingly portable, I can take it around with me in the car, a train, bus, plane, easily and be able to get a really rich experience that my iPhone just can't compete with and the portability that the MacBook can't match.

- Newspapers and books (even if you don't read books, there's a chance you may read newspapers) look simply brilliant on the iPad. I'm going to love waking up with my iPad on the coffee table beside me as I load up the morning paper.

There are several other things that entice me about the iPad, but the beauty of the device for me is being able to access the Internet so quickly, easily, and intimately.


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Sep 12, 2009
I don't need a computer, I don't need a mobile phone, I don't need a TV or radio although I've got them all.

You give a reason to your self already: you're a gadget freak, and if you are a real gadget freak you will regret it if you don't buy one. But he, just check how you would be able to use it in your life. I'm sure you can come up with some stuff.


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Jan 18, 2008
Well, I plan on buying one at the end of my 2010 college year in preparation for university (us Canadians have got a different system up here :D).

I've already got an iMac, an iPod touch and a hackintoshed netbook.

The hackintoshed netbook cost me $500 a little over a year ago, it runs OS X flawlessly (Dell Mini 9), and I bought it to fill a need to take notes/browse web, etc. I didn't want to shell out for a spanking new MBP, and with the iPad coming into play, I ain't getting a MBP.

I'll be using my iMac for the heavy duty computing and whatnot when I'm at my desk at home.

My iPod touch for music basically and some apps on the go when there's no need to have the iPad with me or pull it out (like on the subway, for instance, or just walking around.)

My future iPad (generation 2) will replace my low-end netbook, which has served me well, but the iPad has the potential to do so much more, and with the new SDK, some exciting awesome apps will probably come into play. Not to mention it has better battery life, screen, sound quality...I'll use the iPad when I'm not at my Mac for anything, surfing the web, playing some games, fixing up some Keynote presentations/Pages documents (using Dropbox as I do now, hopefully), watch videos in HD in bed (something my netbook can't do and the iPod touch's screen is just too small).
My iPad would be my home away from home, something I'd use instead of a full out MBP (which I don't need because of my iMac), yet something more powerful and capable than my iPod touch or netbook.

I plan on getting the 3G version with 1GB of data to be used when there's no wifi, and along with the keyboard dock for note taking in class and a VGA adaptor, it'll be great for school. Hell, if e-textbooks take off because of this, there will be no more lugging around heavy, bulky books anymore. And speaking of books, the iBooks app might make me turn to eBooks and never look back. :)

I hope this helped a little bit, I didn't know what more to reply except with my own situation, so maybe you can find justification in what I just wrote, but you do have much more hardware than I do, so I can see why there'd be some doubt. :) :apple:


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Apr 7, 2007
Cleveland, OH
I have a desktop Windows XP machine, MBP, and an iPhone. I am excited to get my iPad though. My iPhone 2G is jailbroken however, so I have no 3G connection (T-Mobile Edge). The iPad will be perfect for me because it will provide me with a 3G mobile experience on a large screen. Other reasons I want one include the touch implementation of iCal/Mail/Address Book/iWork/Photos, etc. They all look fantastic to use. Not to mention the New York Times demo of their app. Looks amazing, I expect to see some more like that. Magazine subscriptions could be interesting too on the iPad. Said you are not interested in watching movies or reading books on the iPad. I still think it's worth it for the web experience. Expensive, but if you can afford it I would go for it. It will be a very fun device to use. Or so I think. :)


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Jul 10, 2008
- Newspapers and books (even if you don't read books, there's a chance you may read newspapers) look simply brilliant on the iPad. I'm going to love waking up with my iPad on the coffee table beside me as I load up the morning paper.
This excites me a lot. I would love to just switch my iPad on and find the newspaper I'm subscribed to as be downloaded and I can just read it. Same for magazines. I really think if they get this right paper boys around the world could be made redundant!


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Jun 25, 2007
To the OP, I'd be curious to know what your lifestyle is. I.E. Are you a student? Run a business? Work for a company? Work in a certain field? I think that plays a major role in helping you discern whether or not iPad is a good fit for you.

Me, for example; I am a college student and aspiring filmmaker. I have a MacbookPro and an iPhone 3GS, both of which I take with me on a daily basis to class, Starbucks, library, wherever I go to do my work. What sold me on the iPad was a few features;
1) Textbooks. You might not read books, but I have trouble believing you don't occasionally want to read a magazine, newspaper, or even a novel. In my case, if publishers eventually offer textbooks on the iPad, it will be incredibly convenient rather than lugging around five or six books in a backpack. We've already seen some videos of publishers showing off apps and magazines for the iPad, and the videos are pretty durn amazing.
2) Expandability. Nobody knows what amazing apps are going to come for the iPad, but with such a large screen, I bet some great stuff is coming. I could totally see developers creating a handwriting recognition app that uses an accessory stylus, which could be great for someone like me who takes notes in class (maybe even a Livescribe-type app without the fancy pen; that would be SWEET!).
3) iWork Suite. Maybe you don't use iWork, but chances are you at some point have used Office. Having a suite of applications on an iPad that are DESIGNED for a multi-touch interface is pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to not having to lug my MacbookPro with me everywhere. When I want to head to Starbucks to write an essay, do a presentation, or review my notes, I have it on a .5-inch device that will last me around 10 hours. And, per point 1 above, if I have my books with me on that device, referencing them should be simple (I know multi-tasking would be great for this, and I'll hold out hope for that, but even if that never comes, I'm still sold on it).
4) Screen. Lastly for me, the screen size is a huge seller. When I want to show off my latest video, I can export it for iPad via Final Cut Pro, save it to my iTunes, pop it on my iPad and show it to someone. No need to open software, wait for a program to load, play, go full screen. I open the Videos app, I tap the video, I'm done. That's going to be so awesome.
5) Accessories. I'm not entirely sure on this one yet, based on the fact that I can't try it, but I love to travel. I take photos with my digital camera, upload them to my wordpress blog, and write stories of my experiences. If I can hook my digital camera right into my iPad, upload the photos right from there to my wordpress blog via a wordpress app, and post, I've just eliminated the need for my notebook. I love my MacbookPro, but sometimes it's much easier to have a thin tablet-like device with me, rather than my laptop and bag.

I don't know what I would call the iPad (a tablet? a computer? a notebook?), but I'm sticking with its something in a category of its own. I had trouble decided whether I need another $499 device, but in the end, it actually offers some great features. If you can't come up with a single reason you need it, maybe you don't. Not everyone needs everything. But if you give us a bit more about what you do and what you use your notebook/desktop for, I bet we can help you decide whether this is a worthwhile investment.

P.S. I'm totally holding out hope that someone is going to develop a small device that connects to my wifi network and is nothing more than an IR transmitter. Couple that with an iPad app that allows me to customize a remote interface, and I've got myself a web-browsing, e-mail reading, VNC-capable tablet universal remote control. Since the Logitech Harmony tablet-esque one is $399, I'll happily drop the other $200 for the extra features:)


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Mar 8, 2010
I also have a MBP and an iPhone; I also have an EEEPC and Kindle. When I travel by air I prefer to take the EEEPC (I always have the iPhone with me) because it is small and only weighs 2 pounds. However, moving the small screen around on some websites is difficult or inconvenient. Also, it doesn't easily integrate with MobileMe and not at all with 1password.

So, for me, the iPad will replace the EEEPC with a Mac compatible, small, lightweight, internet appliance (computer). If it replaces my Kindle some of the time, all the better.

As a bonus, I am hoping it will revolutionize and revitalize the newspaper and magazine industries; something the Kindle can't do. I expect to watch videos on an airplane but we will see how well that works out.

I pre-ordered a wifi - 64GB.

I hope this helps.


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Aug 10, 2006
If it's going to make you happy, that should be reason enough.
That's always been my incentive. :D I use my MacPro all of the time when I'm at home. I take my 15" MacBookPro to work to play with at lunch and break times. I have my phone and Kindle2 with me when I'm on the go. I sure don't need an iPad, but I may get one because 1) I want one 2) I don't have other people that I have to provide for 3) I am not in debt, of any kind 4) It will make me happy .... but first I will wait till I play with one in the store or find someone else who has one and see if I get over the glow of first contact. :rolleyes:


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Aug 10, 2007
I have a MacPro workstation and an iPhone 3GS. I do everything on my main computer and that includes reading PDFs and watching movies. My most common usage on my iPhone is browsing and reading news articles. I'm planning to get a 16GB iPad for now and later when a more mature 3rd gen comes out with 128-256GB.

I will mostly use the iPad for reading and watching movies. Its nice step out from my workstation and bring my documents with me, or creating a quick document while I hop on the train from work and be able to transfer my documents back to my main computer.

I'm still undecided whether to get the 3G version as I will be going on vacation. I need to know the international data plans.


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Sep 8, 2005
Think of it as a lounging device, perfect for use in bed or in a big comfy chair. Bathroom, too.


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Jun 4, 2007
I haven't pre-ordered one yet, but I know I will eventually get one.

I see it very useful to have around the house in the living room and such for sharing quick videos and stories, or even pulling up a quick recipe to use in the kitchen.

Also good to take traveling as others have noted on the plane and such. The form factor is really excellent in terms of portability versus a laptop, so it is at a huge advantage there, and you still end up with a good sized screen that makes it big enough to do a lot of things.

I think the newspapers,magazines and books will be a nice bonus. I think this thing will really excel as a web browser, though, even or especially without flash. It just seems like it will have the right size and form factor for casual browsing anywhere you are with a display to really make it worthwhile.