Need help! Macbook Pro new RAM module won't slide in.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by true777, Oct 7, 2006.

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    I have a Macbook Pro 17" that came with 1Gb of RAM (1 stick; upper slot was empty). I have now ordered a second 1Gb module to put into the upper slot, for a total of 2Gb.

    The module was guaranteed to fit the Macbook Pro, and looks exactly like the one that came pre-installed from Apple. DDR II 667, 200 PIN, looks just right.

    The problem is that when I try sliding it into its slot at the 25-degree angle as specified on Apple's website, I feel incredible resistance, and even if I use all my strength, it's not moving into the slot at all. I have it in the right way, not upside down or anything, and simply don't understand what's wrong.

    Am I trying it at the wrong angle? Is it possible that I (a 95lb woman) am simply not strong enough to do this? Could the module have inexact exterior measurements that just won't fit? Has anyone else had issues like that?

    My feeling is that it's not the gold pins that don't fit (I'm not even getting that far where they would connect), but that it's the outer plastic shape of the thing.

    Has anyone had similar issues, and does anyone know a solution?
    My main question is: Should I try brute force/how much physical strength/force should I apply without damaging the existing memory underneath???

    Please share your thoughts.
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    Just wondering, have you ever installed RAM before?
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    First off just about anyone over the age of 10 should have the strength to install ram, so your size is not a factor.

    There is a channel in the gold contacts section that matches up to a tab in the ram slot. Make sure you have the ram right side up or no matter how hard you push you will never get it in. The angle you use to insert the module is a general rule and shouldn't make too much of a difference; no need to grab a protractor. The ram slides in (you will feel it "pop" once it seats) and you drop it down to get it into the holding clips. Sometimes I don't quite get the ram in far enough and have to push the ram forward a fraction of an inch to get the clips to snap into place.

    But the ram should slide in fairly easily. Don't force it, you risk messing something up. If you are not sure you are doing it right see if you can find someone who has installed ram in another system to help you.
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    California, Austria, Arkansas
    Hmm, ok.

    I've installed RAM many times before, including in my previous Powerbook G4, never had a problem. I'm definitely putting in the RAM the right way, with the slot aligned.

    So since it's not going in at all, I should probably assume they sent me a badly produced module, and try to take it back, right? Do you think I should maybe try an Apple Store Genius bar before, even if it's 3rd party memory?
    Would they help me?

    Thanks for the input, I just wanted to check if there was a known issue with RAM installation in the MacBook Pro being especially hard, or requiring much more force than in the previous Powerbooks.

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