NEED HELP! Microsoft Office 2008 not working

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Juan E, May 21, 2014.

  1. Juan E macrumors newbie

    May 21, 2014
    Hello :),

    I would really appreciate some help.

    I own a mac :apple: (version 10.9.3) running on OS X software (10.9.3) and have had Microsoft office 2008 for a few years now and never had any problems till today.

    A few days back I used this program called monolingual to delete a few languages and my office is programmed in Spanish and I accidentally deleted the Spanish language on my mac. But I can't figure out why either program or saved document will even open. I have tried to uninstall using the uninstal program but it wont even open.

    I have tried
    - restarting my computer
    - downloading an update (Office 2008 12.3.6) but it states that it can't be installed on this disk because a version of the software requires to install this update was not found on this volume.

    I have tried to understand the error report but had no luck:

    Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0

    Error Signature:
    Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS
    Date/Time: 2014-05-21 14:09:54 +0000
    Application Name: Microsoft Word
    Application Bundle ID:
    Application Signature: MSWD
    Application Version:
    Crashed Module Name: Microsoft Word
    Crashed Module Version:
    Crashed Module Offset: 0x009f6d60
    Blame Module Name: Microsoft Word
    Blame Module Version:
    Blame Module Offset: 0x009f6d60
    Application LCID: 1033
    Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0409
    Crashed thread: 0

    Any help would be amazing!

    Thank you
  2. AndyM-London macrumors newbie

    Jun 14, 2014
    Hi Juan

    You'll need to reinstall Mavericks to get your Spanish-language files back. Instructions here:

    I've got the same problem with Office 2008.

    It might be that running the Recovery Disk will restore you to an earlier version of Mavericks and you can then run the MS updater. That might solve the problem - or it might not.

    MS aren't supporting Office 2008 anymore so if it's an issue with Office 2008 we may be out of luck.

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