Need help on Bag Case, Accessories, Memory to get for the New MacBook?


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Nov 4, 2007

Just bought the new macbook today and I was wondering if anybody could give me a few pointers on getting accessories. bags amd cases?

I want to get the 4gb memory. Please tell me which is better? I know crucial is a better brand but is it worth $40 more?

Crucial has it for $216 (including tax and shipping)

Or should I get Micron for $183(including tax and shipping)

I want a Bag case that is light and could carry the macbook and battery and a few other things. Probably would like it to not look like a laptop bag, live in NY, Wouldn't want to parade it in the subways.
I found this case on the apple UK website, do you know of any cool cases available in US? any advice?

I know there are some problems with yellowing with the keyboards, I would like to get the most useful accessory for my new macbook, such as a keyboard protector (Do I really need that) could you guys suggest any other acceessories that a New Macbook can not live without?

Thanks alot guys!


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Sep 29, 2007
Mushkin makes pretty decent ram, and Newegg has a 4gb set on sale for $153 w/free shipping, with a reviewer saying it works perfectly in his MBP. link-fu

As for cases, I wanted basicly the same as what you do, except I needed room for a physics book or two. Timbuk2 makes some very nice laptop bags. You might look at the Laptop Messenger. Sounds like what you want. I got the Commute, because I need more room. You can even build your own bag, if you don't like their default selection of colors (there are like 9 choices, or you can make your own). Others, I've heard, like Crumpler bags, but I bon't think they look as good, myself. But to each his own.


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Apr 1, 2007
Belfast, Northern Ireland carry the bag you were looking for - just search for STM Loft. I've got one myself, bought at a UK Apple Store. Good bag, pretty sturdy and well padded, plenty of room for power pack, mouse, etc. Looks a bit different too, better than your average boring black briefcase.


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Oct 25, 2007
Check out the Viro bag from Spire...will fit the MacBook perfectly, and it doesn't scream out 'laptop bag'. It's 80 bucks.


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Nov 2, 2007
get the tom bihn brain cell laptop sleeve. that way you can carry it in whatever other bag you already have, and it's by FAR the best laptop sleeve available in terms of quality. has an amazing product, similar to the invisible shield (?) i've heard about, that is basically a thin plastic cover that sticks on. it's removable, and it's cheap (but still great quality) so you can always get a new one a year or two from now.

it covers all corners and buttons and the trackpad, and the pieces are even organized so you can still open the battery cover. really amazing, can't recommend it enough.

and crucial/micron RAM is always great.


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Jul 26, 2007
I own quite a few accessories for the macbook and have written some reviews for them...if you're interested visit my blog (hopefully you'll like the reviews)...

I hope I can add some more reviews of cases and sleeves in time.
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